Friday, July 22, 2011

Being Polish sucks at life

This is my inbox. Don't worries. I use filters, labels, forwarding, several different accounts. I use no Instant Messagers, no notifications, no nothing. You make an appointment - I will be available for you attention and keep all distractions to the minimum. I also review all my mail, notes, tasks, plans once a week.

I have received a job offer.

I have responded briefly.

Instead of writing elaborate about how stupendous it is to being pleased to be able to be considered I just made one clear point. Job specifications is what's I'm actually doing on my day-to-day basis. Of course not for a company with more than 4k employees but career wasn't built in a day. Basically I fit all the requirements perfectly:
"Please refer to the enclosed CV. As I am currently based in London the preferred location would be Slough."

And here comes the response
"We would like to point out that English as mother tongue is an important prerequisite for this position as that specified by our client and we will be unable to progress your application. All our preselected candidates are English native speaker and therefore we have to give them priority. I do apologise for any inconvenience."

The next day I received declining email I have to Google Engage for Agencies event. I just happen to be at the same conference (much bigger) back in Kraków in 2010. I do possess all required experience, skills and assets. The only flaw is that I used such a simple phrase! They must have judged me based on my nationality! (it's stated in my CV)

Maybe business owners and other internet people are not busy at all and do love spending time responding to cold-calls and unsolicited e-mails? Or do they prefer direct and clear communication? The answer is yours.

How about my language skills? As long as you can read I'm okay:

Cambridge English: Advanced is focused on CEFR Level C1 – the ideal level for professional and academic purposes. The examination also provides reliable assessment at the level above C1 (Level C2) and the level below (Level B2). This makes it an ideal test of English for a wide range of business and study purposes

According to wiki this is operational proficiency:

It's none of my business anymore. Sometimes you earn, sometimes you learn. Every defeat I treat as a lesson. Word of the day: OUTSUORCE. Hire a copywriter, just simple as that.

BTW: Don't you think is hypocrite to use dictionary in such blatant way:

PS. I'm usually introducing myself as Stefan from Kraków, being from Poland sucks at life.

1) Halifax has much better Twitter service

2) - Talk to an employment lawyer. (The point is) I don't really want this job (not after such slander) and I don't really want to spend money on lawyers.


  1. poland sucks i been there and regret going period fucking polocks!!

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