Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unity3D game development

Lab: Unity Project 1 - Point and Click

My solution here.

Another course I've found particularly useful: unity3d student.

I would like to obtain access to next chapters of Walker Boys Studio tutorial. In fact they did it really smart to require passing grades in order to continue. I did my homework here is my conclusion :)

Your Name: Michal Stefanow

Timeframe: 1 day to listen (6h), 1 day to build (6h), couple of hours to polish (2h)

Project Detail: Basically it was easy. The trickiest part was to apply timing events. Some showing off code for future reference.

In function that is fired when object is due to be removed I set variable that is checked in onGUI function. This is because some limitations in Update() and GUI features. I'm sure there is more rigid way of doing this but for me it works fine!

function explosionCircle() {
respawning = true;

for (GUIcounter=0; GUIcounter<3; GUIcounter++) {// by setting GUIcounter we fire onGUI (condition)
yield WaitForSeconds(1);

if (explosion) { //to ensure expolosion exist
Instantiate (explosion, transform.position, transform.rotation);
if (audio.clip) {

renderer.enabled = false;
var position = Vector3(Random.Range(-8,8), Random.Range(-3.3,5.3), 0);
yield WaitForSeconds((respawnWaitTime+Random.Range(0,5))%4);
transform.position = position;
renderer.enabled = true;
numberOfClicks = storeClicks;
respawning = false;

var GUIcounter : int = -1; //we are not starting yet
function OnGUI () {
if (GUIcounter >= 0 && GUIcounter < 3) {
var viewPos : Vector3 = myCamera.WorldToScreenPoint(transform.position);
GUI.Label(Rect(viewPos.x, Screen.height-viewPos.y-40 ,100,100), "" + (3-GUIcounter));
} else if (GUIcounter > 3) {
GUIcounter = -1; //reseting back to -1


(sorry for that awful formatting, I need to find some gentle syntax highlighter or switch to wordpress)

I would also like to know how to setup light better?

I'm using "halo" to have more noticeable sign of existing light, I don't know why isn't visible on a spheres... Probably some materials issue yet to be solved.

Software Used: Unity3D only, cyberduck to upload, Chrome as a browser

Final Thoughts: This is powerful framework and I am really glad I can play with it. Thanks guys for great tutorial!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

tough stage of the process

As I told you yesterday I need to have 3 very strong point to support 4 paragraphs below.
When being recruited by big names you need to obey rules. Creativity is evil:

(NYE 2010: facebook photo)

Only pure data, concrete facts. Putting it together took me and and the recruiter something around one week (and might be still incomplete as there were many amendments across many emails).

Academic achievements:
Overall grade 4.5 out of 5.0 (reference)

Bridge scholarship
Monthly stipend 650zł ($245) only two people from bridge section were awarded. Receiving funds for Polish Academic Championships and Polish University Championships.

Human Computer Interaction
Taking another degree at Jagiellonian University.

Experience related to the role:
Reclaiming Kult fanpage
I reclaimed Facebook page of the most recognized polish band (founded in 1982, 13 studio albums, 2 live albums including MTV Unplugged). I contacted manager and insisted on Facebook customer service to get it done.

Introducing Adwords
Participating in Google for Agencies programme and setting up campaign for each existing customer with CTRs for branding phrases up to 25% [it's not a mistake: twenty five]. Implementing Google Analytics to measure ROI and educating about Search Engine Marketing.

Presentation of Facebook
Pecha Kucha talk on Facebook services at KrakSpot interactive media meeting. It lead directly to establish two new business relationships. (reference)

art world™
Leaded group of 2 interns, all of them are currently working for the company. Implemented “3 phonecalls a day” policy to gain instant feedback from existing customers. Introduced workflow: GoogleDocs + Dropbox + public FTP + network drive + weekly backups.

Organising "Silent Disco Tram Party"
The guerilla event happening in a public tramlink. More than 30 people gathered to celebrate in an extraordinary way and to show that there is so little needed to have a party! (reference)

Organising three editions of "Flanellete Day"
Main purpose was to promote Computer Science among high school graduates. Final edition gathered 50 fellow students and picture of us virally hit top polish webpage where received 11k votes and more than 60 comments. (reference)

10th place World Youth Pair Championships. 8th place European Youth Pair Championships. member of the Polish national team in match against Israel.

Peace Patrol
Volunteering at the biggest open-air festival in Europe (400k people). I worked in a team of 20 volunteers. Providing help and information, first aid fortunately was not necessary.

Originator of weekly podcasts about events, venues and cultural activities. Organizing online competitions with tickets prizes. Within 6 months got 1600 fans on Facebook.

You can treat as yet another version of my online resume.