Friday, April 13, 2012

I am the Specialist

There are a thousand reasons to hire me.

I did a couple of things I am really proud of.

991) Launched mobile app to Android Market within 48hrs:

992) Established relationships on various events:
  • Facebook Developer Garage London
  • PHP London
  • Devnest
  • Social Media World Forum
  • UX London
  • Digital Shoreditch
  • Internet World
  • silicon milkroundabout
  • eBusiness Bootcamp
  • World Internet Summit
  • Search Marketing Expo (New York)

993) New language to the team assets (38m emerging market in Central Europe) and I am not afraid to speak:

994) I code a little bit:

995) First website 11 years ago. First job 6 years ago. First campaign 2.5 years ago. 39% CTR:

(I am taking part in Google Engage for Agencies programme and I have received GAP certificate)

996) 1m views on Facebook and 1% CTR:

997) Reclaimed legendary page and generated 1k likes:

998) My idea went viral and gained 8k shares in 7 days:

(other service: 11k votes and 60 comments)

999) You can name boards and fabric a "startup". Currently: 20k fans on Facebook:

1000) I play bridge on world-class level.(World Bridge Federation). It prooves analytical skills:

Looking for challenging opportunities.

Willing to change the World.


I can be humble, I can be proud. I have obtained MSc in Computer Science from the second largest technical university in Poland. That makes me look positive into the future.

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