Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Client Center

It's really annoying. I've been trying on my two accounts:
The login is already an AdWords account.
The login is already linked to the MCC.

Someone described How to Upgrade Your Adwords Account to a MCC Account
HERE COMES THE FUN PART: Delete your old (original account) as an Adwords user

I cannot delete my account so I checked adwords help, trying on account number three:
As you did not submit billing information, your AdWords account was never activated. Therefore, no further action is needed on your part to cancel the account.

Not only I encountered this problem:

I'll will create new account I guess, 40zł as a minimum amount of payment for 220zł for spend (200zł coupon minus 20zł activation fee) is a good deal anyway.

UPDATE: To subscribe to My Client Center no activation fee is required.

UPDATE: Both images are 468x60 (image samples)

The first one is not correct though:

(after this experiment I switched to english user interface - it's more descriptive)

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