Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Client Center

It's really annoying. I've been trying on my two accounts:
The login is already an AdWords account.
The login is already linked to the MCC.

Someone described How to Upgrade Your Adwords Account to a MCC Account
HERE COMES THE FUN PART: Delete your old (original account) as an Adwords user

I cannot delete my account so I checked adwords help, trying on account number three:
As you did not submit billing information, your AdWords account was never activated. Therefore, no further action is needed on your part to cancel the account.

Not only I encountered this problem:

I'll will create new account I guess, 40zł as a minimum amount of payment for 220zł for spend (200zł coupon minus 20zł activation fee) is a good deal anyway.

UPDATE: To subscribe to My Client Center no activation fee is required.

UPDATE: Both images are 468x60 (image samples)

The first one is not correct though:

(after this experiment I switched to english user interface - it's more descriptive)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Facebook application in tab

The point is:
- I've got wakacjones.TV videocast
- I've got Facebook page I publish updates regularly
- I've got separate HTML file with list of the upcoming events (it's very simple, no database needed)
- I would like to include this list to my index.php file on main website, and include this list in one (default landing) tab on my Facebook page

As the name suggest - static FBML - is static and cannot load data from other sources. Solution should be simple - create a simple aplication and pin it to the Facebook page - but I don't know how to do it...

Useful resources I found:
Anatomy of a Facebook App
Tabbed Profile
Adding iFrames to your Facebook Application (something a little bit different but the whole page is very useful)
Another tutorial ("One final step in Developer is to allow users to add your application to their profile or pages.")

Some links on my case:

I've added this app to my page:

I've tried to add it to tabs, but there is no such option:

In Canvas settings I tried either IFrame and FBML Render Method. I tried to set this:

Nothing helps, any clues?
This question was posted to Facebook Platform Developer Forum

Problem solved:

Thank you Moutaz Shams.