Sunday, May 23, 2010

Who want to be a programmer?

I know I will work for Google one day. Right now I'm about to finish my master thesis and in the meantime look what I've found a moment ago: Software Engineer - New Grad - Krakow

Sounds like a perfect spot for me!

The amazing final of a 1 millions dollars winnner, it's just a matter of time when I earn my first million. Just look at this interview with CEO of Asseco, his stock share are worth about 500m (I trust people who own 500m). It's worth to translate:
Constantly we say we have great programmers. This is not true. With all due respect for the profession of a programmer, decide about the success of analysts, who describe the IT processes. And, unfortunately, not educated good analysts. If they have, thanks to the companies for which they worked, and not Polish schools that would prepare them. The average university lecturer in computer science had the chance to achieve a major IT project, so it's hard to pass the knowledge relevant to business.

Honestly I'm not top programmer (one day I'll) but having at least one better person in each proffesion in my contacts and wide knowledge is undoubtfully an advantage.

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