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Moodle resource:
9. Opracowanie przykładowej aplikacji graficznej w środowisku Qt dla platformy WindowsMobile/Symbain [Piotr Nawrocki]
Opis: Celem projektu jest sprawdzenie możliwości biblioteki Qt dla urządzeń mobilnych.
Technologie: Qt, WindowsMobile/Symbain

I should have changed my mind many attempts ago... I wish this is as easy as on this movie. I wish this will also be straightforward:

2008 vs 2005

Many blog posts are about Visual Studio 2005. I'm using 2008, in lab there is 2008 version too. I remember searching in MSDN for Visual Studio and 2008 was the only avaiable version.

Qt and Windows CE:
To start your first project, navigate into the demos or examples directory in Qt and have qmake generate a Visual Studio project file for you. For example, navigate to demos\textedit and run:

qmake -tp vc

My version of QT library already contains the Visual Studio project files in examples folder.

working in a lab

First requirement to restore system image with Visual Studio.

Solving the “Visual Studio needs to close” error:
I have had problems with nearly every developer add in I have tried at some point in time. To test this, start Visual studio with devenv.exe /safemode and see if it occurs.

Now reading comments, thet might more valuable than the article | link (been there before)

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why my company is not marked with a square

Some resources:
Maps Help
Centrum firm lokalnych

exact thread | best answer:
We use a proprietary algorithm to determine which business are shown, and the set of businesses shown can be expected to change from time-to-time. Business owners should also know that we don't accept payment for these labels to appear on the map.

Actual links:
link to this particular local buisness
link to this location on a map

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setting up QT project

Probably I started anothey way round, now I'm looking through these links:
Setting up a Qt project in Visual Studio .NET
Qt4 with Visual Studio

Well, that's what I've known already. Starting a QT project is possible, the problem is how to deploy it on a emulator...

The page I've visited some time ago, now I see why this comment is true:

This page is also known by me | | it's the official support page of this library, the problem is it doesn't show any sollutions.

Also visited, this one very frequently |
To get started with Qt, you can check out the examples found in the examples directory of your Qt installation. The documentation can be found in doc\html.

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advanced search form

Query class contains only a little fields. Advanced search form has many more features... Will it be bridged soon? Or is there any way to access this functionalities right now? |

Query query = new Query("obama");
//query.setGeoCode(new GeoLocation(50.0, 20.0), 100.0,
Query.KILOMETERS); //ten drugi parametr to "radius"
QueryResult result1 =;
QueryResult result2 =;

Experiment shows that almost noone sets localization in profile.

The answer is: use operators |

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0x80070070 (probably corrupt installation)

Need help. Searched through every possible forum :) Here is the list of actions I did to land in the current position:

1. downloaded
2. followed the instuctions from: especially:
3. set PATH enviromental variable
4. start Visual Studio Command Prompt
5. configure -platform win32-msvc2008 -xplatform wincewm50pocket-msvc2008
7. nmake (compilation took a few hours)
8. installation ActiveSync4.5
9. installation Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK
10. import of the sample project

I've receive this error: 0x80070070 (probably corrupt installation). I've reinstalled Visual Studio with the same effect... New Smart Device Project works fine, only when I start projekt from QT tutorial I've get this error.

I've tried to set path to file manually (screen 1):
(screen 2):

I've also tried setting (this time without screen): Properties | Configuration properties | C/C++ | Code Generation | Runtime library | Multi-threaded (/MT) | someone suggested that and as I said I tried every possible solution... Any help will be appreciated, especially working one with brief description what to set :)

I do really need some help with this stuff... Started two new topics:

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Hope it'll work. Nope. But this might help |
I have meet the same problem. I set /Project/Property/Configuration Property/General/Use of MFC to "use MFC in a static library" . And I also set /Project/Property/Configuration Property/C C++/Code Generation/Runtime Library to "Multi-threaded (/MT)" ,the problem has been solved.

I wish it was that easy, another "same" topic |

Maybe this solution |

Last one for tonight, I promise |

Actually I've broke my promise:

The reason why you cannot debug is because it is looking at the wrong folder for your application. If you go to the debug tab in preferences, can you just replace the string that says: "%CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES%\BugDemo\BugDemo.exe" with the actual location of your file.

BTW this tutorial might be useful one day.

Tried to set the path manually:

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