Tuesday, September 15, 2009

applicake-tion form

Applicake Team - they appear to be a great team and I really wanted to fill this spot currently occupied with question mark.

15 September 2009 19:18
applicake-tion form

Dear Mr Hello,
instead of inquiring whether the application should be in English or in Polish I would kindly ask to proceed with the content of this email.

I am 23 years old student of computer science at the AGH University of Science and Technology and after the summer break I continue studying on 9th semester. This is the perfect time to start working, especially after very extensive holidays. My interests cover vast amount of areas including new media, design and human interactions. I can work not only as a programmer, anyway my programming skills might come in handy. What is important I touched Ruby on Rails framework (two one-semestral projects).

http://nekatwork.blogspot.com/ - this my new concept related to getting a job (CV is only in polish, I will deal with it when requested). I publish every progress I make and in the near future it is expected to be a place where I put all my work, regarding trade secrets of course. Anyway I would like to assure you that my intentions about getting a job are honest and well motivated. Besides this I have many places on the internet and many crazy ideas - Silent Disco Tram Party as birthday celebration is one of them.

I know my value, but I do not to overestimate myself. I know that getting good job is within my abilities and even if I am not an expert in one particular field I can adapt quickly to a new technology. My studies taught how to deal with unexpected problems, tight deadlines and esoteric programming languages, now I want to use in practice all my skills.

Every team member has Twitter, I have Twitter too - http://twitter.com/stefek99 - my tweets are automatically published as a Facebook status, on the blog, on the myspace profile as a flash widget and on the last.fm profile as automatically generated pictures. When comes to a topic of team I know already some of its members, besides I am easy going and open minded person. Last but not least, if you manage to complete your duties on time right now, consider hiring me as an impulse to development and a way to get some new customers.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely
Michał Stefanów

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