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QT compilation

I guess there is no error here.

Installing Qt on Windows CE:
To get started with Qt, you can check out the examples found in the examples directory of your Qt installation. The documentation can be found in doc\html.

There are little progresses, the emulator is starting but:

1>------ Deploy started: Project: part6, Configuration: Debug Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK (ARMV4I) ------
2>------ Deploy started: Project: part5, Configuration: Debug Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK (ARMV4I) ------
2>Deployment and/or registration failed with error: 0x8973190e. Error writing file '%CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES%\part5\QtCored4.dll'. Error 0x80070070: Za mało miejsca na dysku.
3>------ Deploy started: Project: part4, Configuration: Debug Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK (ARMV4I) ------
3>Deployment and/or registration failed with error: 0x8973190e. Error writing file '%CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES%\part4\QtGuid4.dll'. Error 0x80070070: Za mało miejsca na dysku.
4>------ Deploy started: Project: part3, Configuration: Debug Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK (ARMV4I) ------
4>Deployment and/or registration failed with error: 0x8973190e. Error writing file '%CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES%\part3\QtGuid4.dll'. Error 0x80070070: Za mało miejsca na dysku.
5>------ Deploy started: Project: part2, Configuration: Debug Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK (ARMV4I) ------
5>Deployment and/or registration failed with error: 0x8973190e. Error writing file '%CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES%\part2\QtGuid4.dll'. Error 0x80070070: Za mało miejsca na dysku.
6>------ Deploy started: Project: part1, Configuration: Debug Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK (ARMV4I) ------
6>Deployment and/or registration failed with error: 0x8973190e. Error writing file '%CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES%\part1\QtGuid4.dll'. Error 0x80070070: Za mało miejsca na dysku.
7>------ Deploy started: Project: part7, Configuration: Debug Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK (ARMV4I) ------
7>Deployment and/or registration failed with error: 0x8973190e. Error writing file '%CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES%\part7\QtGuid4.dll'. Error 0x80070070: Za mało miejsca na dysku.
========== Deploy: 1 succeeded, 6 failed, 0 skipped ==========

google search:
The error is telling you that there is not enough storage memory available to hold the files it wants to copy. You are either out of memory, or more likely, you need to allocate more memory away from "Program" memory to "Storage" memory.

increase memory for pocketPC:

Question posted to a forum, similar problem | codeguru | on my emulator I've got Microsoft Device Emulator V3, now checking Visual Studio:

See other posts labeled systemy mobilne to see all my efforts to run it.


It's fantastic how it works! My beloved blog - wakacjones - has a content warning that blocks a vast amount of functionalities, generally everything that includes automatic work like indexing. That's why I published on my another blog a post titled Vice Polska.

1 hour later it's in the top 5 for phrase "Vice Polska":

I should have done it a few days before... Generally it's quite a good enterprise to target traffic to a site and then a sell goods via partnership programmes.

Twitter marketing:
For an investment of only $87, we'll bring you 1,000 brand new Twitter followers to your existing account, or we'll set up a new account for yourself or your business at no charge in order to deliver the followers.

Where are the other sponsored links:

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working on QT

porting Qt 4 to Windows CE and Windows Mobile

Windows CE / Mobile

Qt and Windows CE | a cross-platform C++ framework for mobile devices

One response to my topic on QT forum, my response to the response:
First I've started with deploying demo application on emulator device, then I started to link QT library... After failure I've talk with my supervisor and he adviced me to search for a direct connection between QT and mobile platform.

qt-labs-mobile-demos | might come in handy

Installing Qt on Windows CE

To configure Qt for Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC, type the following:
configure -platform win32-msvc2005 -xplatform wincewm50pocket-msvc2005
Then to build Qt type:

I wish the solution is so much easier, the compilation of this peace of software lasts for so long...

phantom project

I've tried to install Rational Rhapsody, the attempts are avaiable with posts labeled SCR. In fact I stopped losing my time and asked to send me some screenshots of working programme. You can do it yourself, just read this, install this, set this, compile this, change this, if it is not working do this, afterwards check... It'll be so much quickier if I receive some screenshots I've asked...

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This is Sparta

SEM | it's good to be familiar with this term.

socialnomics | source of this video with sources and comments here

One of the blogs I'm always reading, maybe I should make a RSS subscription: antyweb.pl | viral:

Another interesting slides. Although I know that personal profile for a brand might be deleted in every moment we've got no choice. And I think that being the creator and worker on one particular campaign will give me a lot of experience.

Quite interesting and funny tutorial how to promote your blog (in polish) | here | just inserting links, haven't read yet | Public Pages vs Public Profiles | 10przykazań | Use Questions to Enhance Reader Engagement on Your Blog | Calling bullshit on social media | blip.tv | Plebs podnosi głowę | phygital | dailytech | coca-cola case

Solemnly announcing: using google reader (finally)

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yet another QT attempt

UPDATE: I've finally created own QT topic here

I was surprised when the first part went OK:

It lasted for ages, when I come back home the result was negative:

I need to do it regardless the attemps, I wish it is so straighforward... The following links might follow, generally QTDIR variable need to be set:
qtforum | Installing QT 4.5.2 on Windows
qtforum | Unresolved external symbol when compling on windows with vc6

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just like me

Google Public DNS | mashable.com | Google is going to build its own version of the Internet.

Collecting articles I wish I read one day:
ppcblog.pl | poznawaj linki sponsorowane
seo.viawww.pl/ | blog o pozycjonowaniu i optymalizacji
poradnik-seo.pl/ | kurs pozycjonowania i optymalizacji
competition: google.com/search?q=msnbetter+thangoogle
Beware Social Media Snake Oil

It's like a putting a book underneath your pillow before going to sleep. One day... There is tiny step from reader to publisher, people publishing in the press are just like me.

For God Sake, million polish dollars for advertising on the internet to spend till 31.12... Can't be, journalist probably don't know the market:

QT integration

1.4 GB install to get into work one library!

Detailed instructions | fliszer.blogspot.com

Of course it doesn't work:

Looking for a solution. Fortunately the last comment on a thread is very up to date | link:
Argh, I get the same problem as Raymond. I followed Ravi's instructions (set PDSKWIN...) but still no luck

I've installed Microsoft Platform SDK and set following variables:

set PDSKWIN=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows XP SP2



New error is kind of improvement:

Generating Code...
"release\moc.intermediate.manifest" /OUT:..\..\..\bin\moc.exe @C:\DOCUME~1\Stefanek\USTAWI~1\Temp\nm223.tmp
mt.exe -nologo -manifest "release\moc.intermediate.manifest" -outputresource:..\..\..\bin\moc.exe;1

'mt.exe' is not recognized as an internal or
external command, operable program or batch file.

NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'mt.exe' : return code '0x1'
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: '"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\BIN\nmake.exe"' : return code '0x2'
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'cd' : return code '0x2'

Searched for mt.exe then added c:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin\ to PATH variable, another error emerged:

C:\Qt\2009.05.MSVC2008\qt\bin\moc.exe -DQT_SHARED -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -DUNICODE -DWIN32 -DQT_LARGEFILE_SUPPORT -DQT_BUILD_CORE_LIB -DQT_NO_USING_NAMESPACE -DQT_MAKEDLL -DQT_ASCII_CAST_WARNINGS -DQT3_SUPPORT -DQT_MOC_COMPAT -D_USE_MATH_DEFINES -DHB_EXPORT=Q_CORE_EXPORT -DQT_DLL -I"..\..\include" -I"..\..include\QtCore" -I"tmp\rcc\debug_shared" -I"tmp" -I"global" -I"..\3rdpartyzlib" -I"..\3rdparty\harfbuzz\src" -I"..\3rdparty\md5" -I"..\3rdparty\md4" -I"..\..\include\ActiveQt" -I"tmp\moc\debug_shared" -I"..\..mkspecs\win32-msvc2008" -D_MSC_VER=1500 -DWIN32animation\qabstractanimation.h -o tmp\moc\debug_shared moc_qabstractanimation.cpp
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\Qt\2009.05.MSVC2008\qt\bin\moc.exe' : return code '0xc0000135'
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: '"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\BIN\nmake.exe"' : return code '0x2'
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'cd' : return code '0x2'

It's more like a deadend, reinstalation is necessary, actually I've already started backuping data.

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think globally act locally

I can write in English without any effort, but most of the presented data is in Polish, that's why... Actually it is not the solemn act but... This blog was intended to be in English and I'm sticking to it.

By accident it's not me | gumtree.krakow.pl:

I'll send CV to YT (two-letters abbreviations look good together).

That's one small step for Nikon, a giant leap for industry (in Poland at least) | szafasztywniary.blogspot.com:
Miesiąc temu żartowałam na Blipie, że św. Nikon (poważnie, jest taki!) wydaje się być idealnym adresatem próśb o nowy sprzęt fotograficzny. Najwyraźniej święci podczytują mojego bloga, bo moje modły zostały wysłuchane :) Nie kto inny, jak właśnie firma Nikon postanowiła sprezentować mi nowiutki aparat - lustrzankę cyfrową D3000!
There are more girls like that, what is more exciting about it is the buzz created by this news: interaktywnie.com | brief.pl | manager.money.pl | fotoclub.pl | prportal.pl | media.wp.pl | only from first site of search result for phrase blog sponsoring nikon.
Kampania powstała przy współpracy agencji interaktywnej Eskadra Opcom i firmy Brand New Media. (blogvertising)

I'm just curious who will accept my request if there is no admin:

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white flag

It's true that if you know several programming languages it's quite easy to learn a new one. For instance it was the only code I've written in Python at all :)

Rozrzeszenie projektu JAGE/EMAS

The deadline for obtaining credits was 26th of September. Now there is 21th of November, almost two months beyond the deadline, on 1st December my acedemic account will be deleted. I've got impression that I put some things into the future, anyway I'm glad that I've finished that part of work and I'm not going to do anything more than this :)

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internet revolution



antyweb | Pierwsze spadki popularności Twittera?

usidus | Social-media: jakieś pytania jeszcze? | comments are even more valuable | source | Losing To The Social Web: Visualized


Internet revolution | less content | more links | WEB 3.0:

(I'm already on the other side, I'm making other users sick)

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social media stuff

Comment form below posts in one of my blog isn't displaying. I double checked the template on another blog and there it works fine. After several hours of pointless efforts I've changed my mind - instead of changing template it'll be hundred times quickier to move all post. By the way I'll learn how to use blogger backuping if I decide to do it at once.

I knew that I'm allowed to change. I didn't know that they:

That's why I had to erase profile and do everything again again:

Erasure looks like that, I panicked a little I admit. I should have change login to something useful, rather that appending "niehalo" suffix. Login change may occur only once, a few hours of my work is lost, not first, not the last time.

Did you know that fotka.pl requires mobile phone to register, name field is constrained to predefined values and when adding friends you need to specify whether it is "real" or "virtual" friend? Moreover, have you ever heard of glitery.pl? This is my friend website and as far as I'm concerned it operates quite well.

I'll probably figure out more privacy issues in fotka.pl later, due to my account progresses. Myspace privacy issues don't allow 13 years old users to have public profile (I wanted to make date of birth easy to memorize by changing only one digit - decade - from my own one).What's more it's impossible to change date of birth upon completing registration. That's why I had to delete previous account and create it once again:

Actually it's done and previous url and mail is used, but every such pitfall causes loss of time and a lot of frustration.

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most time consuming software

matlab | template matching | thread
In general this can be a very tough problem - numerous people have gotten Ph.D.'s in the subject. Or, if given as homework by a kind professor, it may be crafted to be relatively simple.

Professor is not kind, it is not relatively simply. I've talk with one on my friends who talked with professor and he admitted that 30% efficiency is very good.
The real world will have situations as described in Greg Heath's message, plus other things he didn't mention (but I'm sure knows about) such as noise, partial occlusions (this is a very tough complication, e.g. only part of the apple is visible), orientation changes (e.g. you're trying to find apples and you have the bottom of an apple in your image but your template is the side view of an apple), different shapes/templates (e.g. find tanks given that there are dozens of different models of tanks), color differences (apples come in many different colors and color patterns), etc.

Welcome to real world. Actually I don't understand the exact topic, anyway the desired is to create an algorithm recognizing shapes based on the following pictures and all of them should act both as test and training set:

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one hour in library

One hour in library can safe six moths in laboratory:
Być może słyszałeś o wersji Express Visual Studio. Niestety Windows Mobile nie jest jeszcze wspierany przez te produkty, a co za tym idzie, musisz mieć pełną wersję Visual Studio 2005 lub 2008. Jeśli jesteś studentem, to zapytaj u siebie na wydziale o MSDNAA. Z tamtąd będziesz mógł pobrać Visual Studio, jak i wiele więcej produktów firmy Microsoft.

I would suggest to put a note that express version does not support Windows Mobile.


I don't remember the password, the password is probably on my student account, I cannot login due to the delayed session.

I was advised to use torrent:

Actually this document might come in handy | Środowisko .NET Compact Framework – omówienie architektury, realizacja podstawowej aplikacji GUI | link

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e-marketing specialist

I could be one-person interactive agency (wiki). I have some idea of everything what's going in industry, the point is I need to be specialist in one particular field: e-marketing.

I'm lucky
to be one of the qualified students - marketing in internet by google.

I'm lucky that in Kraków so many events are held:
Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego
World Usability Day
Flex Challange Academic Tour
Witajcie w realu | spotkania o nowych mediach
IT Academic Day
(to more detailed info visit wakacjones.blogspot.com and its embedded calendar)

I'm lucky to be hired in ArtWorld (facebook). There is no confidential info, it just presents the complexity of making buzz on the internet:

Actually I've started my work already. First of all I'm sending invitations to other non-personal profiles, afterwards I'm getting in suggestions even more non-personal profiles.

Excuse me, but what's the point in inviting such profiles? We get many friends in common and are invited by others. There will be time for posting more content, right now is the time for creating community:

Unfortunately some keywords are locked and your profile mustn't include "fashion", that's the problem but we'll deal with it:

(sorry for posting polish version of Facebook prompts, I've already changed it to english for prospect posts)